Thibaut Dapoigny

  • Artist
  • Brooklyn, NY

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I maintain relatively distinct painting and drawing practices. In both, I try to strike a balance between abstraction and representation, between expression and figuration.

In my drawings I indulge in great details and lines with a limited regard for space. I have found the perfect subject for such formal choices to be the rhinoceros. Its tough, textured skin is like a drawing in itself and it is an animal for which space is something to dominate, not recede from. What I do then is zoom in on my subject, observing its naturally complex quality of line and cross hatching. The rhinoceros has an infinite amount of possibilities visually and a significance brought by the history of this timeless, gentle and static giant.

My paintings are an attempt at capturing movement and subjection with great intensity. I start with abstraction to then uncover the figurative as late as possible, allowing me to concentrate on other aspects such as light and depth, pathways and connections. Movement is key whether it is made obvious in a herd of galloping horses or a nearly settled vibration—the action is either frenzied and robust or held back, about to unfold.

At some level all bodies, all matter is constantly in motion even when apparently still. Both states interest me as an artist and deeply inform my practice.


MFA Painting at The New York Studio School

NY – May 2017 New York, NY

BFA Fine Arts at The School of Visual Arts

NY – 2014 New York, NY